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Tips for Growing Cucumber

Soil: Clay to sandy loam.

Sowing time: As per the regional practices and timings.

Optimum temp. for germination: 25 – 30°C.

Note1: During summer season, there should be adequate water supply to avoid fruit bitterness and fruit malformation.

Note2: The temperature below 13°C and above 40°C are not suitable for growing cucumber.

Spacing: Row to Row : 180 cm, Plant to Plant : 30 cm.

Seed rate: 300-400 gm/ acre.

Preparation of Main field:

  • Deep ploughing and harrowing.
  • Add well decomposed FYM 7-8 tones per acre.
  • Open ridges & furrows at required spacing (Apply basal dose of fertilizer as recommended).
  • Irrigate  the  field  one day before sowing.
  • Sow 2 seeds per hill Irrigate whenever require.

Chemical Fertilizer: Fertilizer requirement varies with soil fertility

  • Basal dose before sowing: 40: 60 : 60 NPK kg / acre.
  • Top dressing after first picking : 25: 00 : 60 NPK kg / acre.
  • After third picking : 25: 00 : 00 NPK kg / acre.
  • Apply micronutrient as and when required.

Plant Protection: Follow plant protection measures as and when required.

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